Murfreesboro family make spirits brighter with big tips for struggling restaurant waiters

MURFREESBORO, Tennessee (WKRN) – You could call them Secret Santa and Mysterious Mrs. Claus, surprising servers with the 12 days of Tip-mas. But this mission began long before the holiday season.

“Back when the pandemic started and they started shutting down restaurants, and they started cutting them down to half, cutting server hours, we were lucky to always do well in terms of ‘money, so we decided that we were going to start helping people who were in trouble, ”said the co-creator of Tipping in the Boro.

In August 2020, the husband-and-wife team at Murfreesboro, along with their children, began to tip the waiters generously. They don’t want to identify themselves so as not to blow up their cover, and therefore the focus is on the recipients. The family started the Tipping in the Boro Facebook page and the community donated regularly, so the effort could continue and grow.

“Just the expression on their faces makes you so happy that you can help someone, even in the smallest of ways, put food on their table, pay their car expenses or pay their rent for it. month, ”the woman told the anonymous couple.

“Most of the time they’re in shock,” the husband said. “As soon as we turn off the camera that’s when they break down, start crying or start saying you don’t know how much I needed it.” . Thank you very much; it will help us do the grocery shopping or it will help pay our electricity bill.

The couple chooses the servers at random, whoever serves them that night gets the big tip. But it often feels like fate. Like earlier this month, when they tipped Mariah at Applebee’s on S. Rutherford Boulevard. The video has 1.6 million views on TikTok.

“You’re kidding! I can’t stand it,” Mariah said, shocked. “I live in a shelter and just went to an apartment reunion today. I must have $ 600, and I don’t had no idea where I was going to get the money.

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The family doubled her tip to make sure she had the $ 600 she needed, just in time for Christmas. See more of these surprise encounters on the Tipping in the Boro Facebook page.

Other ways to donate:

  • Application in cash: $ tip inintheboro,
  • Venmo: @Tippingintheboro
  • Paypal: [email protected]

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