New Cafe Opening Soon in Unique Rochester Location

Right now, as I type this story, walls are being built for a brand new cafe in Rochester, Minnesota! This new space to relax is definitely something unique and new to our area…and there will be empanadas, which if you haven’t had one, tell your taste buds to get ready for some fun !

Unique New Fall Cafe Opening in Rochester, Minnesota

Once it gets warm enough to start planting flowers in Minnesota, my favorite spot is Sargent’s. I normally hang out at the 18th ave NW location, but I think I’ll pass by the 2nd st location a few times now that a cafe is opening.

Check out the exciting big news Sargent has shared with the world:

The walls are going up, so it’s time to introduce you to the new café we’re excited to be arriving on 2nd Street – Café Aquí!

In May, you can take in all the color and beauty of Sargent’s on the 2nd while sipping an incredible cup of espresso, savoring a creamy platter of ice cream, enjoying a fresh chocolate shake or letting your taste buds go wild in eating delicious Empanadas! And should it be one of those cooler days, you might choose to sit in tropical paradise – our newly expanded greenhouse, three times the size, where you can relax surrounded by the largest collection of indoor plants in the area. .

You will want to be HERE!

Michelle and Shawn Fagan partner with Sargent’s and bring Café Aquí to life in the heart of Sargent’s on 2nd.

“Shawn and I like to host. Whether it’s family and friends in our home, guests in our downtown event hall, or clients in our photography studio, we love connecting with people. So take that and combine it with our love of coffee, delicious treats, and all in a year-round tropical paradise – we look forward to welcoming everyone to the community! -Michelle Fagan

See the full announcement and learn more about this exciting new cafe in Rochester here.

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