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Sassafras, with its Bloody Mary flight, donuts and buffalo mince with fried chicken eggs, is a Denver brunch staple. But if you’ve been to Capitol Hill lately, you may have noticed some changes. Chef Colin Mallet renamed the restaurant Exile Kitchen, and his website boldly declares, “New name. Same chef. Better food.” Another change to come: the dinner service will be added.

In the pizza news (of which there has been a lot lately: See also Campfire, Benzina and the preview of Pinstria), Chicago’s deep-dish chain Giordano’s now has a location in the former Leña space on Broadway; next week, another Giordano’s will open in the Milepost Zero food court in McGregor Square next to Coors Field. Detroit-style pizza also continues to gain popularity, as the Detroit-born chain Jet’s adds a sixth location in Lakewood, with another slated to open in late summer on South Colorado Boulevard.

Two local brands are also expanding this week: Troy Guard opens another pandemic-delayed project with Fort Collins outpost in Los Chingones, and Snooze debuts at Denver International Airport

In the south, a favorite tourist attraction that is home to the highest donuts (no, not that kind of high) in the United States is reopening after three years of construction projects. The Pikes Peak Summit House welcomes visitors again and has added custom toppings like cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg and cocoa to its world famous donuts; there are also new dining options, including a trail mix bar. Raisin Haters, this one’s for you.

Here is the full list of openings this week:

Restaurants open this week *:

Kitchen of exile, 320 Colfax Avenue East
Giordano’s, 24 Broadway (also coming to Milepost Zero)
Jet Pizza, 98 Wadsworth Boulevard, Suite 129, Lakewood
Los Chingones, 3541 East Harmony Road, # 100, Fort Collins
Snooze AM Restaurant, Hall B, Mezzanine, Denver International Airport

Reopening of restaurants this week *:

* Or earlier and not previously included on an opening and closing list.

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