Ogden Restaurant Week is here to thrill your taste buds

The annual event promotes local restaurants and offers special menus until November 14.

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Taco Burger and fries at Warrens Craft Burger, one of the restaurants participating in Ogden Restaurant Week, on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

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I am hungry? Tired of always eating in the same places? Fear not, it’s Ogden Restaurant Week.

Now in its ninth year, the annual event promotes local and independent restaurants.

The 2021 event now runs through November 14 and features 20 restaurants offering everything from ramen and sushi to waffles and burgers. In addition to their regular menus, each restaurant has a special menu with items available only during Ogden Restaurant week.

Foodies looking for fresh produce can sign up for the free Ogden Restaurant Week pass at bit.ly/3COcFgO. Those who use the pass to check in at two or more participating restaurants will be eligible to win prizes such as gift cards and t-shirts. (However, customers are not required to have the pass to order special menus.)

Colt Jarvis, director of marketing and communications for Ogden Restaurant Week, clarified that the pass is not an app. Instead, after registering on the event website, attendees receive a link via text or email that gives them access to all special menus.

Overall, Jarvis said Ogden Restaurant Week helps people discover foods they didn’t know existed in their community.

“[It’s] just a world class dining experience that people don’t even know exists, ”he said.

Helping economies and communities thrive

Jarvis said that Ogden Restaurant Week is run entirely by local restaurateurs and does not make a profit; on the contrary, it exists simply for the purpose of marketing and promotion.

It started as a series of lunch and dinner offerings, he said, but has since evolved into its current form.

Jarvis also said that when people support local businesses, it comes back to them when those businesses donate to schools and organize fundraisers.

“If your local economy is thriving then your community is thriving and you are creating a place people want to visit. You are creating a place that people want to live in, ”Jarvis said.

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) Chicken Sliders at Warrens Craft Burger, one of the restaurants participating in Ogden Restaurant Week, on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

“A fabulous thing to be a part of”

Leigh Dean knows a few things about investing in a community.

She and her husband are the owners of Warrens Craft Burger in Ogden, which offers pub-style burgers and beer. They’ve been running the restaurant for about eight years, she said, and before that, they prepared bar food for Ogden’s Century Club.

Dean said their burgers are made from 100% chuck meat and their chef gets “super creative” with the sauces and flavors.

Their special menu includes dishes like mango sliders, a turkey tzatziki burger, and the ABC salad (which features spinach, apples, and avocados).

She and her husband have been involved with Ogden Restaurant Week since they opened Warrens Craft Burgers, Dean added, and “it’s a fabulous thing to be a part of.”

In particular, she said she appreciates the sense of community created by the event.

“We have such a variety of restaurants involved and a lot of different prices,” Dean said. “Everyone offers something unique to their restaurant at a price that we think is right for the customer. “

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