Opening of new Final Fantasy XIV cafes in Kyoto and Nagoya

Two new branches of the Final Fantasy XIV cafe, Eorzea, will open in June in Japan, bringing the game to fans in more places than ever before.

There are two new branches of the Final Fantasy XIV (hereafter FFXIV) opening of the Eorzea cafe in Japan. The new locations are in Kyoto and Nagoya, the country’s 7th and 4th largest cities respectively. Currently, there are two other branches of Eorzea in Japan, Tokyo and Osaka.

They have been open for over five years now and enjoy a steady stream of customers. The opening of new locations in other cities brings FFXIV die-hard fans who might not be lucky enough to get to the original cafes easily.


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The announcement was made at the end of May on the official Eorzea website, along with their menus. They will both open from June 16 and are only listed for a limited time, although no end date has been released. Local fans are likely hoping the cafes will be available for a long time. The Nagoya location and the Kyoto location will have different food and drink menus (with all prices listed in gil!), and both are heavily themed. Both cafes offer many main courses, many of which have character designs or even weapons. One particularly striking dessert in Nagoya even looks like crystals.

For drinks, there are many colorful concoctions featuring characters or locations, Moogle milk tea, and even Japanese sake. The Kyoto cafe’s dessert menu is also inspired by its location in the historic heart of Japan, with many traditional matcha and dango sweets. Everything makes a big party after completing a grueling dungeon. Although the interior photos of the cafes have not been released, they will also likely have a heavy theme. The Osaka location resembles the city of Ul’dah, including a painting by Sultana Nanamo, and the Tokyo location resembles Gridania. The interior design of Kyoto and Nagoya has been kept secret until now, so we may not know what they look like until the cafes open. There has been no official information yet, but it is also likely that these new cafes will also have a limited product shop. Themed cafes are always a great place to buy exclusive products, and like
merchandise can be a little hard to find even in Japan, having a shop attached will be great news for players. All dishes will come with a location-specific take-home meal mat and hopefully the cafes will also offer the usual free coasters with every menu item!
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Eorzea Final Fantasy XIV cafes in Nagoya and Kyoto will open on June 16, 2022.

Source: Eorzea Cafe

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