Opening of the Little Fox Cafe & Bakery in Medina in June

MEDINA, Ohio – Two Medina residents are using their skills to open Little Fox Cafe & Bakery, a new quick-service coffee shop. The store is expected to open at 540 Blake Ave. in June.

Owner and baker Catherine Hudson and managing partner and barista Jess Hazeltine decided to form the concept months ago, after meeting at Diner 42. Hudson was working as a waitress when Hazeltine ordered a meal.

“I served him his lunch, and we just started talking and I ended up telling him that I’ve always wanted a bakery,” Hudson said. “One thing leading to another, we have decided to move forward together.”

Hudson went to Medina County Career Center for a culinary degree, then graduated from the Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati with a culinary degree focused on baking.

Hazeltine, who is also a municipal council representative for Ward 1 in Medina, has experience as a barista. She worked as a barista manager at an Arabica in college and replaces local cafes in Medina when baristas are needed.

“We just decided, ‘Okay, we want to do this. You are a baker, I can make coffee,” Hazeltine said. “We are two normal moms who decided to open a bakery.”

The two found an investor and a building on Blake Avenue, which is currently the Medina Tone & Tan tanning studio. The tanning studio’s lease ends in April, then Hudson and Hazeltine will take over, spending a few months on a full renovation to add a commercial kitchen and remodel.

Turning a tanning studio into a bakery will be an intense project, Hazeltine said.

“We’re going to remodel everything and do a demo inside before we open in June,” she said. “It will be a very big renovation of the existing building.

When complete, Little Fox Cafe & Bakery will be open, with drive-thru available for local customers. The restaurant will be located just down the block from Hazeltine’s house and near Hudson’s house as well, Hazeltine said.

Little Fox’s menu will focus on baked goods made by Hudson, including brownies, muffins and – a particular highlight – yeast doughnuts. A few other grab-and-go staples, like breakfast sandwiches and lunch sandwiches, will also be on the menu.

On the coffee side, expect drip coffee and basic espresso drinks like mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos.

“Catherine is a baker. That’s the part we’re excited about,” Hazeltine said. “We’re thrilled to bring a new donut opportunity to this side of town… There are a lot of people walking past us en route to wherever we’re going. We wanted to choose a location that was not close to any other business. We are not here to compete with anyone.

Summarizing the project, Hazeltine pointed to the Little Fox website, which provides information about the cafe and bakery, which is “locally owned and operated by two badass girls with a dream.”

Find more information about the store at

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