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“I tell you it’s Rwanda or the bust!”

“So you think that instead of London’s plans and need I add that the three leaders of our national parties have deep ties to London, our political parties should come together in Rwanda?”

“Rwanda is a poor country and maybe the poverty might make these leaders think of the poor in Pakistan for a change…”

“Well, speaking of London, the three leaders had a different experience – the Khan’s first wife, much loved by all Pakistanis, but not when she was married to him…”

“You see, that’s the thing with us Pakistanis – we don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it.”

“Ha ha, that’s right, the Khan’s children are British nationals anyway, but Nawaz Sharif doesn’t have a born and bred British national in his family yet…”

“His sons may have married British women – his eldest son is, as you know, following in the footsteps of his uncle Shehbaz – two simultaneous wives – and then we don’t know much about the younger son’s wife and …”

“Let’s put it this way, they’re probably not married to women whose grandfathers were British nationals.”

“Okay, so Nawaz Sharif’s exposure to British culture is limited to installations shall we say.”

“Facilities can also mean toilets.”

“I hear that the Sharifs’ toilets have gold-plated taps and the tubs are made from the best porcelain in the world.”

“How well?”

“Well, you can probably only afford to veneer your bad teeth with porcelain.”

“And then Zardari sahib’s children went to school in the UK and…”

“Okay, so Nawaz Sharif’s narrative is that he has the weakest connection to England although he may have the most expensive real estate there, Zardari sahib may be making all the decisions politicians, but the future belongs to those who have been educated abroad like the Khan was…”

“Speaking of the need to educate our children, Miftah Ismail says that we must educate our children so that they develop!”

“The country paid foreign exchange to educate Miftah Ismail, his predecessor Hafeez Sheikh, our former Governor of the State Bank and Acting Governor today in luxury universities abroad and can you tell me the state of the economy today?

“Maybe it’s all down to Shaukat Tarin’s little over a year as finance minister, you know he was educated in this country and…”

“Well, if you ask Ismail and Sheikh and…”

“Don’t be facetious.”

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