Pay it 4ward: Longtime friend thanks Catopia Cat Café owner for his rescue work

Welcoming cats and kittens from all over the department.

“They come from shelters and rescue groups and then they live here until they find homes,” Dierks said.

Where they can sleep, eat, play and hang out with people who may want to take them home.

“They really love their people and I think when people come in and see cats snuggling up in other people’s laps, and being interactive and playing with them, I think it really lets them see that side, there’s really has a lot of cats that are super friendly,” Dierks said.

People can also come in just for a drink and a snack.

“It’s good for the kittens, but it’s also kind of therapy for people, I think.”

Since opening, Dierks has helped hundreds of cats find their forever homes.

“We’ve had about 675 adoptions over the past three years. That’s the most rewarding part, knowing that we’ve helped them get there.”

Of course, the pandemic has hit his business hard.

“It was extremely hard.”

Nannette Carpenter has been friends with Dierks since they were roommates in college.

“She had to close like all the other businesses. She had no respite on her rent,” Carpenter said.

While taking care of all those cats.

“She doesn’t make money. She just does it for the cats,” Carpenter said.

That’s why Carpenter contacted KOB 4 so she could Pay It 4ward.

“It would mean a lot. It would help him with the vet bills, the rent, the cat food. Anything that would help the cats,” she said.

To help cats left behind, find the perfect family. Dierks had no idea what was going to happen.

“I contacted Pay It 4ward. Because I told them all about Cat Café and what a wonderful job you do here and they allow me to give you $400, so reach out.”

Dierks was incredibly grateful for the support she received for her cat cafe and those she cares for.

“It’s wonderful, it’s so kind. It will go a long way. I’m a very lucky person.”

For more information about Catopia Cat Café and the ways you can help, visit

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