Phoenix Nutrition Offers Meal Replacement Drinks In Lima

LIMA – A native couple from Findlay recognizes untapped business in downtown Lima.

Jarrod Bowman and his business partner, Monique Altvater, recently opened Phoenix Nutrition at 120 N. West St. in Lima.

“We just moved in about a week and a half ago,” Bowman said.

Bowman is excited about what Lima has to offer.

“For the most part, it’s an untapped market. What our company seeks to do is go out into communities and deliver overall health and nutrition value. So we’re trying to bring nutrition and fitness, trying to get people out of fast food restaurants and bring them here where we can get them served that quickly most of the time and with a healthy meal, rather than to go to McDonald’s and get whatever they could get there, ”Bowman said.

You can purchase the Meal Replacement Shakes separately from the Energy Teas, but you’ll save money by ordering a combo that includes both.

“The typical meal that we would have is that you would have your shake, which is your meal itself. It’s the content. It has your proteins, it has your carbohydrates, it has your fibers, your sugars. It contains everything you would need in a meal. It basically makes your food pyramid so that’s what will fill you up, ”Bowman said. “We have energizing teas. They contain caffeine, but they also contain vitamins B 1 through 12 which help increase natural energy levels, ”Bowman said.

The couple started a similar business in the Findlay area.

“We have a home store like this and we were able to take people out and show them a healthier way to lose weight instead of on a keto diet and we just wanted to be able to grow in a city that doesn’t. has none. something like that again, ”Altvater said. “So we want to present it and hopefully help people eat healthier food here in Lima as well.”

Both are happy with the reception Phoenix Nutrition has received so far.

“It’s awesome,” Altvater said. “I like the people here. They were very friendly. We brought in Warren Pugsley from the fire department and he made a little video saying how good it was and we have a lot of people going out now. “

“We have a good number of people here. It gets better every day. We walked a lot, met new people and visited local businesses, ”Bowman said.

Phoenix Nutrition is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Phoenix Nutrition is now open at 120 N. West St. in downtown Lima.

Phoenix Nutrition in downtown Lima offers a variety of meal replacements and energizing teas.

Monique Altvater and Jarrod Bowman, of Findlay, opened Phoenix Nutrition at 120 N. West St. in downtown Lima. The store offers meal replacements and energizing teas.

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