Plans for a new takeaway in the Darlington fast food hotspot will be REJECTED for this reason

THE latest offer for take-out at a fast food hotspot should be rejected, planners recommended, due to the impact it would have on neighbors.

While Darlington Borough Council has agreed to consider measures to prevent a plethora of take-out food in areas with high obesity rates, its leaders said its planning committee could only tie one ” weight limit ”to the question when deciding Irshad Shafee’s proposal to convert real estate agency offices into a take-out on North Road in Darlington.

The latest annual report from Public Health England pointed out that the number of fast food outlets in Darlington per capita was 148.6 per 100,000. Only three local authorities across England have more take out per capita than Darlington.

Objections to the proposal highlight that there are around three dozen fast food outlets in the surrounding area.

However, ahead of a decision next week, Shafee said he intended to serve “healthy, unprocessed grilled foods,” a commitment that has drawn support from many residents.

Nonetheless, health activists described Mr. Shafee’s pledge as “window dressing”, saying that once building permission is obtained, nothing will prevent the outlet, or the next owner, from modify its menu.

A report by council officers indicates that in the absence of any development plan policy relating to hot dishes to take away in the borough and their impact on the health and well-being of a territory, a limited may be given to it as a material consideration in determining the proposal.

Amid concerns about tackling obesity in parts of the borough, the council office approved a review of available planning powers that could be used to support its goals of meeting the goals set in the plan. healthy childhood weight for Darlington in March. It is still unclear when the findings of the review will be released.

In response to North Road’s take-out offer, the council’s public health department said the most recent figures for 2018 showed obesity levels in elementary school children were “not statistically different. national figures for England as a whole ”, and not the worst in the district.

An officers report to the committee states: “The departments with the highest obesity rates among reception and sixth grade schoolchildren are Bank Top and Lascelles, Eastbourne and Stephenson.

In conclusion, the agents indicated that the proposed use would have a significant impact on the living environment of local residents because of the duct and extraction equipment offered and the comings and goings of customers later in the evening. In recommending that the project be rejected, officers said the proposed equipment would create noise and odors in the area, which would be unacceptable, especially during the summer months.

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