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The driver who struck and killed a man and injured six others when she drove into a crowd at a Miami Beach restaurant is unlikely to face criminal charges, but is expected to be served a subpoena, police said Monday.

A Miami Beach police report released Monday identified the driver as Regitze Gamble, 75, of Pinecrest.

Police say Gamble was trying to parallel park her car when she suddenly accelerated, jumped over a sidewalk and crashed into the outdoor dining area of ​​Italian restaurant Call Me Gaby on Washington Avenue on Thursday night.

Dr. Gary Prince, a 67-year-old chiropractor who lived in Miami Beach, was among seven people hospitalized during the incident. He later died from his injuries.

Relatives of the victim of Thursday’s crash at Call Me Gaby in Miami Beach spoke about the incident exclusively to NBC 6.

Prince’s friend Dr Naaman Abdullah sat at the table with him and was among those pinned down by the car, including a 3-year-old child.

“I was stuck between a bush and the car and my leg was stuck under the car and I heard people screaming and I saw the wheel of the car still spinning but the car couldn’t move because it was stuck with the bumper of another car so she couldn’t go any further,” Abdullah said. “Within ten seconds everyone started running towards the car because there was a child under the car who was crying and they lifted the car to get the child out and while they were lifting the car I was able to get my leg out of the car.”

Abdullah said he suffered injuries to his arms and legs and a gash above his eye which could have been worse.

“I noticed I couldn’t see out of my right eye because my face was full of blood. Once I wiped it off I could tell my eye was intact but I had a big cut just above,” he said.

Abdullah said it was almost immediately clear that his friend would not make it.

The other six injured in the crash survived.

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