Pop-up Stranger Things cafe opens in Tokyo, fans can’t keep calm

Themed cafes are all the rage these days and the trend goes beyond the décor or the name of the dishes. Restaurants and eateries based entirely on movies and shows are becoming a major tourist attraction around the world, and the latest to join the list of friends, Dr. Who, and more is Stranger Things. One of the most popular OTT series of recent times, Stranger Things has been successfully running since its launch on OTT in 2016. The fourth season of the fantasy show was released in July and has broken several records since its release. The show is based in the 1980s, a number of popular culture items from that era began to trend, including fashion, songs, and even snacks. In addition to inspiring music and fashion sense, the show has now also inspired a cafe! Yes, you read that right. A Stranger Things-inspired pop-up cafe has sprung up in Shibuya, Tokyo and has delighted a number of fans of the series. Looked:

‘Stranger PRONTO’ is a collaboration of a local restaurant chain called PRONTO in Japan, which was originally launched on July 6, 2022. The pop-up can be easily visited until December by people to enjoy the special menu and pop-up restaurant. The PRONTO bar in Shibuya Fukuras is open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and boasts several Stranger Things references. From popular songs from the show such as Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” playing in the background, to an opportunity for fans to get clicked with a Demogorgon monster or the show’s signature string of lights, PRONTO has it all. that. Additionally, there are small items on sale, including badges or themed coasters, for fans to purchase. The smallest details have received a lot of attention. For example, billboards from places like Scoops Ahoy and Surfer’s Bay Pizza are also placed in the cafe.

The Stranger Things cafe menu is obviously odd with some of the more interesting references sure to ring a bell. Whether it was the drink called ‘Upside Down’ or the classic ‘Eggo Waffles’ that were Eleven’s favorite snack on the show. Bizarre squid ink pasta arranged to have the shape of the monster’s head turned many heads. Isn’t this a paradise for Stranger Things fans?

Since the pop-up is rapidly gaining popularity, it requires reservations a few days in advance. Especially since it only allows 20 customers at a time. This was also pointed out by some customers. “Every day at midnight, I tried to book a table on my phone. Finally there is an opening today because someone canceled the reservation,” Kimiko Nakae, 29, told CNN .

What do you think of the unique cafe based on the series? Would you like to visit it? Let us know.

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