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A new cafe has opened in Erie, and it’s perfect for cat lovers! Located at 30 West 8th Street, Purrista Cat Café first opened on February 14. They had great attendance in their first week of opening and expect it to take off even more as time goes on.

There are two different sections in the store: the cafe and the cat play area. They have a great selection of coffees, lattes, and other drinks to buy, as well as muffins, croissants, and slices of cake. They also sell fun mugs and t-shirts with their logo and pictures of cats on them. To pet the cats, you must make an appointment in advance.

Customers can come in and enjoy a drink or a pastry while waiting for their appointment time to play with the cats. It’s $15 for 50 minutes with the chats, and customers can make reservations on their website. To ensure the cats are safe and not overwhelmed, there are only 12 people allowed at a time, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make reservations for a day or so. two in advance. Customers must remove their shoes before entering so that no one stalks dirt or germs in the area where the cats live. They have hand sanitizer before and after you enter to minimize the spread of germs, which is an important touch, especially during the pandemic.

All of their cats are adoptable, so the hope is that they will find forever homes when people come to play with them. Purrista works closely with a local shelter, and one of their main goals is to find homes for their furry employees. I think it’s a great move, and it gives the cats a chance to show off before they find their forever homes. Once a cat is adopted, another cat will come in and take its place until it also finds a new home. Their adoptable cats can be seen on their website, along with their name, age, and a bit about them!

The cats are all very friendly, but some of them are shy and take a little longer to get used to strangers. Don’t take it personally, they are cats after all. Customers can give them treats to help them feel more comfortable around different people. There are also different toys that people can use to play with cats, and it’s a really fun way to bond with them.

One of the benefits of cat cafe is that you don’t have to play with the cats to enjoy the cafe. Anyone can come in, order food or coffee and just sit down and enjoy the great atmosphere. There are plenty of open seats and tables, so it’s a great meeting place! There is a table and a bench next to a window overlooking the cat area. It’s perfect for people who may have allergies or who don’t feel comfortable being around cats, but still want to watch them play!

All in all, Purrista Cat Café is a really cool place for people of all ages. With the last years of an active pandemic, people have realized how important physical touch and in-person interaction is. Many people have had pets because of this, but many have also been unable to. Places like Purrista are great because they allow people to have that interaction without having the responsibility of owning their own pet.

While there are plenty of cat cafes all over the country, this is the first of its kind here in Erie, which makes it truly special. We’re a small community, so having something “trendy” like this is really exciting. Hopefully this trend continues and Purrista gains some neighbors soon. Erie is a unique place nonetheless, but this place takes that home feeling to the next level. Three cats were adopted in the first week through Purrista Cat Cafe.

If you’re looking for something to do the next time you have some free time, consider visiting the Purrista Cat Cafe in downtown Erie and be on the lookout for possible student discounts in the future!

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