Putting the slow in fast food

After kicking off The Bandstand Pantry, cricketer Ranji Trophy Sinan Kader is ready to take it slow – when it comes to burgers. In a world where you want it all before you can say the words instant gratification and food is literally at your fingertips, Slow Burger Co. wants you to take a moment – then bite into the slow-grilled, freshly seasoned, carefully dressed parfait. high end burger. The place will be open from June 8, 2022.

Located in the city’s most foodie suburb, Slow Burger Co. is ready to swap frozen goods for quick, fresh frying for delicate cuisine and one-minute burger service for carefully curated plates of comfort food. With the finest quality homemade minced meat, fresh seasonal produce and artisan sourdough or brioche of the day, the ultimate product is definitely worth the wait.

The menu, just like the cooking process, is worth going through slowly so you can make the right choice depending on your mood for the day. Go the classic route with the slow-grilled Louisiana Grilled Chicken Burger with Cajun Ground Chicken or the punchy Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burger. For comforting Indian flavors, get your hands on the Punjab Da Puttar with stone-grilled tandoori chicken or the Lucknow Lamb Galawati made with a melty patty served with mint mayonnaise and cheese. Pescatarians have a few ex’sea’llent options to choose from, including a tandoori salmon burger made with grilled salmon and raw mango mayonnaise, shrimp tempura with kimchi and fish-o-filet, while fans of the OG burger can enjoy options like Serious Steve made with stone-grilled chamois minute steak and the good Fat Tony burger with juicy ground beef and melted cheddar.

Slow Burger Co.’s veggie burgers are treated with as much care as meat burgers. Savor the slow-cooked Tandoori Paneer Burger on a griddle or dive into layers of flavor with the Zurich Mushroom Burger made with slow-roasted mushrooms, sautéed Portobellos and cheese fondue melt. Or go for the Texas Tornado with a spicy red bean patty or the slow pan-fried Bombay Blast with a paneer bhurji patty.

If you really want to tap into the soul of Slow, the signature burgers are a must – Norwegian salmon and blue cheese, Surf & Turf with ground chicken and crispy prawns, Nuts on Fire with a deliciously spicy red bean patty and breadcrumbs of praline and the Asian seasonal jackfruit burger with roasted jackfruit with Thai spices, kimchi and wasabi mayonnaise.

While Slow’s burgers are “bread” for being the main characters, the supporting cast also do extremely well. Chunky sweet potatoes, corn cheese balls, vegan chicken nuggets, salmon fingers, cracked shrimp and messy nachos (choose from vegetarian, vegan and buff) bring the crunch factor while the chicken wings bring the spice. Beyond burgers, one can also dig into other comfort food options like Toasts Baguette with different toppings (guac + feta, forest mushrooms, slow-roasted chicken, and pulled chamois) and homemade fry pans.

At Slow Burger Co., you can enjoy your very own Archies moment against a hand-painted Flintstone wall. The diner-style ambiance pairs beautifully with Signature Shakes in flavors such as Burnt Marshmallows & Vanilla Bean, Chocolate & Caramelized Banana and Mixed Berries, and homemade lemonades. And if you want an updated drink in 2022, you can opt for turmeric lattes and Greek yogurt smoothies. If you’re up for good ol’ classic diner-style indulgence with impeccably cooked dishes, are looking for true-to-style American burgers, or are just ready to embrace the slow life, this place will quickly become a favorite.


Address: Gloria Apts, junction of St John Baptist Road, &, Rebello Rd, behind Mount Mary, Mount Mary, Bandra West.
Time: 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.
Contact: 09151124124
Order in: Swiggy or Zomato

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