QuickCheck: Is it true that a fast food chain rations its fries?

Fast food giant McDonald’s Malaysia has had to resort to rationing its fries due to supply chain issues.

Is it true?



In a video posted to Facebook, the fast-food chain said it was facing a “frying” supply crisis.

The video went on to say that the restaurant chain would not be offering large meals starting Jan. 24, but did not say when it would start selling large meals again.

In a statement to AFP, McDonald’s said its Malaysian branches were “currently experiencing supply issues”.

But Malaysia is not the only country facing a shortage of french fries, as McDonald’s Japan announced in late December that it would only sell small fries.

The pandemic has impacted many different industries as global supply chains have been disrupted causing everything from a shortage of computer chips to now french fries.

But that shortage was further exacerbated when floods hit Canada, a major supplier of potatoes that McDonald’s uses for its fries.

“Due to large-scale flooding near the Port of Vancouver…and the global supply chain crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there are delays in the supply of potatoes,” said McDonald’s Japan in a statement on December 21.

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