Real Estate News: British Fortress Converted to $ 7.5 Million Luxury Home

Do you know any supervillains who need a new hiding place? This British fortress built in the 1860s is the perfect haunt to plan their next conquest of the world.

There are properties that offer privacy and then there is this incredible converted British fortress fit for a James Bond villain.

The spectacular island mansion, located in the English Channel near Portsmouth, can be yours for as little as $ 7.5 million.

Built between the Isle of Wight and the English coast in the 1860s by the British Army, Spitbank Fort has undergone millions of dollars in renovations to become a unique luxury residence.

Comprising nine suites and staff quarters, the rooms are arranged in two concentric circles around the central courtyard.

There are four event spaces, including the Crows Nest Bar (for 60 people), the Officers Mess restaurant (60), the Victory Bar (50) and the wine cellar (20).

There is over 30,000 square feet of space on three floors and if you ever get attacked the 15 foot thick granite walls should come in handy.

But if you’re the homey type, there’s a rooftop terrace with a hot pool, sauna, fire pit, and sun deck.

Rated by Strutt & Parker, the fort is 15 minutes by boat from Gunwharf Quays or 20 minutes by helicopter from London.

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