Robomart launches retail delivery platform

Robomart, the on-the-go convenience store that brings convenience store straight to your door, is diversifying by allowing retailers to use its platform to deliver fast and convenient in-home shopping experiences.

With the launch of its new retailer platform, Robomart, based in Santa Monica, Calif., Allows retailers to sign up as partners to deploy branded stores on wheels that consumers can flag down to their doorstep. door, thereby reducing the time otherwise required to get to the store or typical fulfillment of delivery orders.

By delivering the entire store to the customer, Robomart claims to offer a delivery shopping experience that is “exponentially faster than any other delivery service, including Instacart and Gopuff, helping retailers to increase deliveries up to 500. % ”.

This whimsical claim is supported by the company’s description of an end-to-end experience, where the customer opens the app and then has the merchandise in hand, which can be checked in in a matter of minutes, with the average time apparently being nine minutes. Robomart is accepting reservations from retailers on a first come, first served basis, with deployments starting in early 2022.

Consumers can flag down a Robomart using the proprietary app and, when it arrives, open the doors with the app and select their products by hand. Robomart’s RFID-based no-payment system allows consumers to pick up their selected products and simply walk away without physically checking or paying. With the Robomart platform, retailers can now take advantage of this new offering and increase their revenue through a unique sales channel in the industry.

Retailers can reserve any of the six types of Robomart available: Snacks, Grocery, Drugstore, Coffee, Ice Cream, and Fast Food. Robomarts snacks, grocery stores and cafes are equipped with refrigeration modules to keep perishables cool and drinks cool. Robomarts snacks, grocery stores, pharmacies and cafes will be available for deployment in early 2022; Ice cream and fast food robots are currently in development and are expected to join the fleet at the end of 2022.

Offering a turnkey solution that allows retailers to reach consumers faster, Robomart manages almost every aspect of the operating model. Retailers will decide which of their products will appear as SKUs under each type of Robomart, determine and price their products, have a customized and complete vehicle brand, and choose from the areas of operation available in the region. of Greater Los Angeles in which to deploy. Using replenishment stations in each zone, Robomart will handle all product storage, labeling, scanning, quality control and replenishment. Retailers will have access to a robust reporting dashboard to observe sales data and analytics.

“We founded Robomart with the vision of creating the fastest way to shop, and this launch allows us to power next minute delivery for retailers,” said Robomart co-founder Ali Ahmed. “We look forward to the continued growth of Robomart, as an industry leader offering an experience that no other delivery service can match.”

The platform’s launch follows a successful partnership with Reef, Miami’s original “Unicorn” and the largest operator of mobility and logistics hubs and neighborhood kitchens in North America. Following the success of the initial deployment, Reef has now extended the scope of its agreement with Robomart and, as the platform’s first retailer, will deploy an additional fleet of Robomarts throughout Los Angeles.

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