Rosie’s All-American Café Plant-Based Lobster Roll Review

In my little corner of food blogging in theme parks, there is a constant and valid demand for more vegetarian options. Now the choices at the Orlando-area theme park are destroying, in terms of quality and variety, the options of a decade ago. However, more is needed. Even as someone who doesn’t follow any plant-based diet, I want more variety.

A non-traditional option can be found at Rosie’s All-American Café in Hollywood Studios. The menu describes it as a plant-based lobster roll. For $ 10.49, you get pickled hearts of palm, celery, sweet apples, and a creamy Old Bay dressing in a traditional-looking roll. It also comes with homemade fries. The roll is grilled, adding to the lobster roll feel.

The bias I bring to this entry is knowing that this section of Hollywood studio counter service locations is weak. Since Rosie’s struggle with less complicated foods, this sandwich has the potential for disaster. Now that “lobster” roll is above the low bar I have set for it. This is not just from me, but I have confirmed it by five other reliable sources.

Still, this roll isn’t even among Hollywood studios’ top three vegetarian options.

The constant cry of critics about it is its smoothness. Based on the creation of an herbal element, hearts of palm are used to play the role of lobster in this dish. The use of palm hearts as a substitute for lobster is not uncommon.

Sorry vegetarians, the hearts of palm used in this roll do not impart the proper flavor. They fail on opening night when the lobster is too sick to play. Perhaps a better quality of hearts of palm would improve this dish. However, it can also increase the price.

The brine and the distinct vinegar flavor of the “lobster” substitute take precedence over this dish. Old Bay dressing plays its part in the play on a lobster roll with way too much mayonnaise to perfection. Old Bay dressing is distinctive but cannot conquer the flavor of hearts of palm.

While most people can smell the sweetness of the apples in this “lobster” salad mix, some said they never tasted the sweetness to balance the sandwich. For example, one of my fellow Disney bloggers said that they had tasted nothing but shoddy Old Bay seasoning and hearts of palm. I think this is not the standard experience. Still, you should be ready.

Another problem with this menu item is that its name is misleading to many. This menu item could be more accurately called a decent artichoke type salad on a roll. However, the creaminess of the vinaigrette could undermine this name. The roll itself is toasted and well seasoned. However, many customers find that the roll does not hold. The use of excessive towels at a counter service location may be required.

All is not lost with this herbal item. This article goes beyond having just one more meat alternative burger. This menu choice is creative with the desire to expand vegetarian options. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this item a 5.5. There are so many better herbal options at Hollywood studios like Docking Bay 7 and ABC Commissary.

The best argument for this item is the price. The item costs less than $ 11 with tokens. I understand that flavor is a major concern. If you’re trying to eat plant-based, your entrees can quickly get expensive. This “lobster” roll could save your bank account a bit. We all know doing this at Walt Disney World is a major achievement. Enjoy it at your own risk. Perhaps more specifically, you should try this after having had the best herbal options in Hollywood studios.

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