Rosie’s Café will close after 21 years in Mesilla, Las Cruces

By Mike Cook

You better hurry if you want to grab one last meal at Rosie’s Cafe in downtown Las Cruces.

Owner Rosie Hendrix will soon close the restaurant, located in Esquina Plaza, the two-story complex at 300 N. Main St.

Rosie made the decision to close the cafe earlier this year when its chef (who is also her nephew), Julian Rodriguez, decided to join the US Air Force. Rosie’s last day serving customers will be April 27.

Rodriguez has been Rosie’s chef for about four years, she said. Julian’s father, Israel Rodriguez, also frequently works at the restaurant. Rob Fielder has also worked with Rosie for many years. Her sister, Jenny Perez, joined the staff as a waitress.

Rosie opened Dick’s Restaurant in Mesilla in the spring of 2001 in the building where Andele’s is now located.

Rosie remembers it well because she opened the doors just a month or two before her son, Jared Rael, was born in July 2001. The little boy, who is now 21 and still lives in Las Cruces, frequently visited this first location, as many of Rosie’s long-time customers remember. Rosie’s daughter, Whitney Hendrix, lives in Austin, Texas.

The restaurant changed its name to Rosie’s Café and moved to Avenida de Mesilla near its intersection with Valley Drive and remained there until it moved downtown in 2015.

Rosie’s parents, Dick and Sue Perez, founded Dick’s Café in 1959. Rosie was born the following year and grew up in the restaurant business.

“As soon as we were old enough we had to go to work,” she said of the large family that included her and Jenny.

The closure was a tough decision for Rosie, who said what she will miss most about the restaurant is ‘seeing everyone’,” Rosie said. “It’s like a family,” she says.

But, she says, “it’s time to try something different.”

For Rosie, that means starting a new job at Julienne Jewelry, 2329 Calle de Guadalupe, where you’ll find her after the restaurant closes.

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