Scottish cafe throws real challenge inspired by hit Netflix series


Scottish cafe has launched a new challenge for diners inspired by one of Netflix’s games Squid game.

The hit Korean drama series told the story of an elaborate competition in which desperate debtors played a series of deadly children’s games in order to win a huge cash prize.

In episode three, the characters compete against each other in the second round of the contest, in which they have to cut out predrawn shapes from a hard honeycomb sheet, using only a needle.

If the honeycomb breaks within the bounds of the shape, or if the players do not remove the shape before the time runs out, they are eliminated from the game.

Glascow’s Kcal Kitchen has released its own inspired version of the Netflix series, sharing details of the game on social media.

Diners are given a stack of pancakes, topped with a honeycomb resembling those seen in Squid game. They must then extract the shape using their only knife, in order to receive the meal for free.

“SQUID GAME PANCAKE CHALLENGE,” the cafe’s official Instagram account wrote. “Introducing the @netflix phenomenon! Stack of protein pancakes topped with honeycomb, Lotus Biscoff sauce, cream and SQUID GAME candies! “

The message ends with the following question: “Can you handle the pressure?” “

Squid game can be streamed on Netflix now.


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