Shooting at popular Hill restaurant shocks customers

ST. LOUIS – Tracey Nieters and Lynn Gillick went to Rigazzi’s on The Hill on Saturday night hoping to enjoy some great food and great company. What they didn’t expect was to be rushed out of the restaurant after gunfire sent someone to the hospital.

“We’ve finished our dinner and sat there and all of a sudden you hear pop, pop, pop, pop, pop,” Nieters said.

Gillick said he heard five or six gunshots. The couple said they immediately followed the instructions that the Rigazzi waiters shouted at them and everyone in the restaurant.

“Someone shouted, ‘Get out! Get out, go! And then everyone was running around. People were jumping fences and we got behind a car, ”Nieters said.

Saint-Louis police responded to a shooting at the company on Saturday shortly after 9:40 p.m.

Upon arrival, they found a man inside the restaurant suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim was taken to hospital and an investigation is underway.

Police have learned that two men argued before the shooting.

Nieters and Gillick are safe, but they still have questions.

“We want to know if they caught the guy. I want to know how the person who was affected is doing, ”said Gillick.

The two praised the staff at Rigazzi for the way they handled the bizarre situation and hope they have a chance to pay for their dinners.

“We would love to find the waitress we had because I would love to hand her money because she was awesome,” Nieters said.

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