Study: Idahoans will give up four years of life for fast food

The average life expectancy in Idaho is 79.4 years, but it looks like Idahoans are willing to turn that number to 75.4 years if it means they wouldn’t have to give up. fast food.

A recent study by the medical news website Drug Genius found that Idahoans are willing to give up four years of their lives in exchange for being able to keep filling up on Big Macs and Baconators.

If you think that’s bad, the people of Hawaii, Montana, and North Dakota are willing to sacrifice an almost unbelievable 12 years of their lives to sustain a fast food diet. Those in Alaska, Colorado, Maine and Mississippi seem to be the most sane, ready to give up just two years of their shelf life for fries and greased burgers.

It may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. A recent study found a correlation between the consumption of fast food, otherwise known as “ultra-processed foods”, and dementia. The study found that reducing ultra-processed foods by 10% in a diet containing the equivalent proportion of minimally processed foods was associated with a 19% lower risk of dementia.

A University of Michigan study also found that eating a hot dog can cost up to 36 minutes of your life, and a chicken wing can take up to three minutes and 30 seconds. Try not to think too much about how many minutes you’ve already consumed.

The national survey of 3,222 people also found that 60% of people would rather give up alcohol than fast food, and the last time a respondent had participated in aerobic activity on average was three years ago. month.

Who thinks burritos and pizza are healthy?

If those numbers aren’t worrying enough, the Drug Genius survey also found that 27% of correspondents – 870 people – believe moderate consumption of fast food has health benefits.

Spoiler: It’s not.

Of those who think fast food has health benefits, 45% said they think a foot-long sandwich has the most health benefits…maybe if you remove meat and wholemeal bread?

The foot-long sandwiches were followed by 20% of respondents who think burritos and tacos are healthy, 11% who think cheese and meat pizzas are the most nutritious, and 8% for hamburgers and fries or fried chicken.

One in three correspondents also said they would rather take health supplements than exercise to stay healthy.

But hey, who needs to exercise to stay healthy when you can dig into a foot-long meat sandwich and enjoy a taco topped with lettuce?

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