Supply chain issues delay opening of Binghamton Mirabito store

The official opening of the newest Mirabito convenience store has been delayed for a few days.

The store at the Number 5 Commons complex on Vestal Parkway and Mary Street in Binghamton was scheduled to begin operations on Monday.

But company CEO Joe Mirabito said there had been supply chain issues and the opening was pushed back to next week. Plans now call for the store to open on September 27.

A sign posted at the Mirabito convenience store which will soon open at number 5 Commons in Binghamton. (Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News)

Mirabito said the new location features a “more welcoming” design than that of a typical convenience store. He said there would be plenty of “take out” items for customers to collect food and get on their way.

The Mirabito store is located next to an office of Peoples Security Bank & Trust which opened last week.

The new office of Binghamton Peoples Security Bank & Trust on September 20, 2021 (Photo: Bob Joseph / WNBF News)

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