Surprise from a Maltese restaurant: the waitress receives a tip of $ 1,335

MALTA – A waitress at Ugly Rooster received a huge Christmas present on Saturday: a tip of $ 1,335.

Patricia Smith burst into tears when a breakfast group handed her 15 $ 100 bills to pay her check for $ 165.

“My husband was just diagnosed with cancer so it really helps a lot. I appreciate it so much, ”she said.

Tammy Loya organized the event by asking friends and co-workers to bring $ 100 each for the surprise.

“This is the first time that we are doing this. We are so excited, ”she said.

She wanted to spread the news in the hope that others would too.

“I hope this spreads like wildfire and that a lot of people copy us,” she said. “I saw it on Facebook last year, but with COVID I couldn’t organize it last year.”

She hoped the tip would go to someone in need, but didn’t expect the waitress to have a huge medical bill to pay over Christmas.

“We were in the right place at the right time,” she said.

Smith’s husband was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. Tipping will allow them to stay up to date on their medical bills and have enough leftovers for a few gifts for their two children, ages five and nine, Smith said.

“It helps us so much right now,” she said.

After paying the bills and getting “a few more things” for their children, she said she planned to use what was left to help others.

Loya was so driven by the success of the event that she plans to do it again this season. A friend who will be visiting is eager to do so with her. The goal is to find a total of 15 people per breakfast so that the waitress ends up with a big tip.

“Everyone’s been through tough times, I’ve been through tough times, and if someone had done this to me at the right time it would have been a big deal,” she said.

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