Tarform launches the Luna inspired by the Sleek Café Racer

Brooklyn electric mobility start-up Tarform has unveiled the latest addition to its model lineup in the form of a café racer-inspired version of the Luna electric motorcycle. Around the same time last year, Tarform revealed the Luna in her main form. While this bike has taken the form of a rugged and versatile style scrambler, the new generation of Luna takes the form of a sleeker and more stylish cafe racer.

Production of the Luna is slated to begin this year. The scrambler and cafe racer versions of the electric motorcycle will carry a top price of $ 24,000. Unsurprisingly, Tarform gave the new bike the nickname Racer Edition, while the scrambler goes on, you guessed it, Scrambler Edition. That being said, the new Racer Edition is pretty much mechanically identical to the Scrambler Edition we first saw last year.

Using an 11.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, the bike packs a decent 55 horsepower with its electric motor. The Luna Racer Edition tips the scales at 200 kilograms, making it a heavyweight, from a power-to-weight ratio perspective. Tarform has also built a nifty sound generator into the equation so pedestrians and other motorists know you’re nearby. Tarform calls it the “ Sonic Aura, ” which is essentially a super futuristic sound that can cause viewers to gaze skyward at an unidentified flying object.

The Taform Luna promises an adequate range of 120 miles for city service and around 60 miles for long highway trips on a single charge. It also benefits from a few technical features, including keyless entry, a 180-degree reversing camera, as well as haptic blind spot feedback that lets the rider know any unseen obstacles via small vibrations on the handlebars. Finally, the Tarform Luna benefits from an on-board charger of 3.4 kW, regenerative braking, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones.

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