The community welcomes SoBol – the Healthy Food Café with Super Cool Food

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One of the best inaugurations in the history of the company

December 22, 2021 // // Hewlett, New York – The hamlet of Hewlett in Nassau County is home to SoBol’s newest location, located at 1309 Broadway on the South Shore. SoBol, famous for its acai bowls and freshly made smoothie bars, attracts large audiences across the country as a healthy food franchise.

When the doors to this new location opened, hundreds of people from the community lined up, eager to enjoy the fresh ingredients in the acai bowls and smoothies, including the brand’s house granola, also known as name of special sauce SoBol. The constant flow of customers continued thanks to the delicious food and the friendly atmosphere.

Owners Amy and Russ Golan are grateful that their SoBol coffee is adopted by this community. Amy says it has been an amazing experience saying, “Customers come to us and tell us what a great product we have served daily in such a warm environment. This is the whole story. People who come together for good food.

This food is what won Amy and Russ in the first place. Being health conscious themselves, they knew that partnering with SoBol was a good decision as it allows their customers to enjoy a fully customizable menu. “If someone has a food problem, we can offer them a variety of options,” says Russ. “In addition, we are proud to be vegan and certified kosher. Our customers appreciate this.

Amy and Russ know the importance of customer service, the couple ventured into this SoBol franchise with previous business experience having owned three gyms and a medical development and distribution company. SoBol culture matched their way of life perfectly. Amy says, “We have four grown children who were all athletes and my husband and I are runners and very active. We take great pride in bringing these healthy food choices to our community. We raised our four children on Long Island, so bringing this healthy food option to Hewlett families is very important.

Amy and Russ are very active in the cafe. Every time you show up you’ll see them there, eager to chat and see how you’re doing. Russ says that’s what makes the difference. “It’s more of a community gathering place. It really is a great feeling to see people coming together because of something that you have built. It was such a good decision.

“Russ and I felt very comfortable in the business. I love the marketing side and he loves the operations. But what made such an impression was the support we received from the franchise itself. They helped with the permits and worked with the builder. They are very practical and helpful.




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