The McPlant is probably coming to a McDonald’s near you. here’s why

First released in Europe before arriving in the United States, the McPlant is described as McDonald’s very first plant-based burger in collaboration with Beyond Meat, reports Eat This, Not That. According to Restaurant Dive, US-based fans can expect it to grow from its eight current McDonald’s locations to over 700 locations in 2022 for a limited time in February and March – just six to eight weeks after the writing this article. Right now, the eight locations currently serving vegan burgers are doing pretty well, selling “up to 500 McPlant sandwiches per week, or about 70 per day.” QSR says the McPlant patty has peas, rice, and potatoes, while the burger is stocked with McDonald’s main dishes like pickles and American cheese.

In February 2021, McDonald’s signed a three-year deal with Beyond Meat, and this McPlant market test will serve as a decision maker for the company on whether or not to roll out the sandwich globally. Despite the lack of ads plaguing your screen, you can be pretty sure that for at least a limited time these bad boys will be available near you soon – and if you like them, they might become a permanent option.

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