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Fast food giants are tapping into stars with huge social media followers to create a buzz on menu items that already exist.

Why is this important: There are signs it is reinvigorating sales – and every hot celebrity might be trying to lock in those deals soon.

“It’s pure marketing. There is no exciting or new product attached to any of these, ”says Jim Sanderson, analyst at Northcoast Research.

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Catch up quickly: First up is McDonald’s, which started rolling out limited edition “famous orders” last year.

  • Others, like Tim Hortons, which will launch donuts with Justin Bieber next week, are following suit.

What to watch: Some launches correlate with spike in traffic, according to data from analytics firm (it doesn’t track overseas stores).

  • Popeyes pedestrian traffic rose 9% when he put rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s name on a special sauce earlier this month – the biggest weekly jump since February.
  • McDonald’s Biggest Jump in foot traffic last year coincided with the debut of the Travis Scott meal. The company said this month was the best for same-store sales in nearly a decade.

Yes, but: Burger King’s meal launch with hip-hop star Nelly and others last month was not enough to push US sales this quarter past 2019 levels.

And after: McDonald’s will be teaming up with Mariah Carey (“All I Want For Christmas Is You”) for 12-day vacation deals.

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