The old bank could become a restaurant in Natchez

NATCHEZ, Mississippi (AP) – A former Mississippi bank could become a new restaurant.

Natchez officials recently cut the city’s legal ties with the downtown Britton & Koontz building, the Natchez Democrat reported.

An Atlanta couple, Marty and Cathy Buckman, told Natchez Mayor Dan Gibson and the aldermen council that they were planning to buy the white pillared building and turn it into a restaurant and bar.

According to Marty Buckman and attorney Walter Brown, the town of Natchez had the first right of refusal on the sale of the property, which once served as the town’s welcome center. The city does not own the building, but authorities initially wanted the option of using it again as a visitor center before the Natchez Visitor Center was constructed, Buckman said.

Gibson and the aldermen had no objection to the property being sold to the Buckmans.

“We are delighted to welcome you to Natchez and your willingness to invest and open a new business here that will employ 10 to 15 employees,” said Gibson.

Buckman said he plans to upgrade the building by making it a restaurant and bar while preserving any historical significance of the building.

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