The restaurant etiquette you need to know before bringing your own wine

It is wise never to make assumptions. Even if you’ve brought wine to a restaurant in the past, Food & Wine recommends that you always call ahead to ask if you can bring your own bottles, as this can help ensure a smoother experience if the manager drinks or the sommelier is informed beforehand. Plus, now’s a great time to ask about corkage fees and limits on the number of bottles allowed.

Don’t know what to bring or don’t know the menu? Rather than hauling the entire contents of your collection to a restaurant, Wine Enthusiast suggests packing a versatile red and a pre-chilled white or rosé in your wine bag — and definitely checking the wines aren’t already on the list to avoid making a faux pas.

As for what to do when you finally arrive at the restaurant, after passing your wine to your sommelier, remember your good manners. Since it’s a courtesy for a restaurant to let you bring your own wine, there are some things you can do to show your gratitude. While not required, Wine Spectator shares that it’s polite (and quite common) to order a glass or bottle from the wine list, in addition to offering a taster to the sommelier. Well, that should go without saying, but be sure to tip!

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