The Worst Eating Habits That Age Your Skin Faster, According To Science – Eat This, Not That

There is no doubt that taking care of your skin is important by wearing sunscreen, washing your face every day, and using the right products.

But while these actions are important for healthy skin as you age, it’s also important to consider factors like your stress level and diet.

Read on to learn more about some of the eating habits that age your skin faster, and for healthy aging tips, be sure to check out The Best Foods to Slow Aging After 50.


Consuming too much sugar in your diet can have negative effects on many areas of health, but recent reports have revealed that it can age your skin as well.

One of the ways that sugar can make your skin age faster is through something called advanced glycation end products (also known as AGEs), which are formed when a sugar molecule attaches to a protein or to a lipid. According to Skin Therapy Letter, EFAs can make your skin appear older by decreasing its ability to heal wounds and decreasing its resistance to stress.

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fatty meat

Although fat is a very necessary and healthy part of your daily dietary needs, consuming too much fat can damage your skin.

According to a 2020 report published in Nutrients, a diet high in fat can increase your risk of skin inflammation, which can directly contribute to making your skin appear older and not recovering from stress as easily.

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fast food burgers

As sad as it may be, fast food can actually make you look older than you are. This is because the frying process can release free radicals, which helps your body to have a excessive amount of these compounds that are harmful to cells, which has a negative impact your health.

According to Research and practice in dermatology, one of the specific ways these free radicals can affect you is as your skin ages and its elasticity weakens. Fortunately, the report also mentions that certain foods and nutrients can help slow down the process.

dehydrated woman

While finding a good facial moisturizer is a useful addition to any skin care routine, there is nothing better for hydrating the skin than drinking plenty of water.

A study of Biomedical and biopharmaceutical research found that those who consumed more than 2 liters of water per day (compared to those who had less than 2 liters) had deeper hydration in their skin, which also positively affected other skin functions.

the Nutrients The article adds to this by saying that water serves to maintain the internal balance and tissue function of your skin. In other words, hydrating is one of the best ways to look younger!

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