These British cars look crazy modified

When it comes to enthusiasts choosing their next project car, there is a lot of choice there. Choosing a car from a Japanese manufacturer might seem like an obvious place to start, as Toyota, Nissan and Honda already have a large aftermarket scene and a very versatile car selection. Likewise, American cars are a good scream as well, as there is everything from classic muscle to modern pickup trucks to choose from. Manufacturers looking for a little more flair might even go for an Italian car, although it will likely be more difficult to keep driving.

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There is another choice, however, which does not attract as much attention as the previous three options. Over the decades the British have produced some of the greatest automobiles of all time, and they’ve also made a bunch of vehicles that make amazing project cars. It might not be the obvious choice, but in fact, there’s something for almost every type of mod, from iconic off-roaders to slammed JDM-style sedans. Today we’ll take a look at ten of the best British cars for a project, with some already cult favorites and others being unusual choices but turning heads.

Mini Cooper

Starting off with one of the most famous British cars of all time, the Mini Cooper has a strong fan base around the world. Originally designed as an affordable small family car, the Mini quickly exploded in popularity thanks to its unique looks and back-to-basics construction.

Most classic Mini Cooper models focus on getting the car ready for the track, as it’s pretty much driving a street-approved go-kart. This means fender wideners, racing engines and often larger grilles to ensure these newer engines don’t overheat. Oh, and a vintage racing livery, of course.

Land Rover Defender

The Defender was launched in the mid-1980s as a utility model for Land Rover, with a primary focus on off-road capability. Its initial production cycle ended in 2015, although the new Defender launched in 2020 with a different shape and a more luxurious interior.

Modifying a Defender will almost always mean improving its off-road abilities, as it’s just not comfortable or fast enough to do anything else! That’s a good thing though, as it means it’s the perfect candidate for an Overlanding build, like the trucks above. Just stick on a roof mounted tent, snorkel and a few other settings and the pilots are ready for the wilderness.

Bentley Continental

A Bentley might seem like an odd choice for a modified build, but it’s actually a great alternative to the usual cohort of modified luxury cars. Newer models carry their own mark of sophisticated cool, which can be amplified with a careful selection of aftermarket rims and a lower ride height.

Older models are even more versatile, as they have depreciated enough to be within the reach of many project car buyers. A cheap Continental will cost well under $ 30,000, even in today’s crazy used car market. This means that more and more manufacturers are ready to do all kinds of weird and wonderful projects, like turning the Continental above into a pickup truck for some reason. It’s pretty pointless, but it’s undeniably cool.

Jaguar XJ

They’re cheap, they have big motors, and they look great when seated low. The Jaguar XJ is a great slammed sedan, and it’s pleasantly different from the Japanese sedans that are usually used for this type of project.

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They might have a reputation for being unreliable, and well, they often are. But hey, that’s part of the fun with a project build, isn’t it? After all, buying an old Jag will ensure that its owner will always have something new to fix.

Ford Escort

Ford may be one of the greatest American automakers of all time, but many Americans are unaware that they actually have a UK-based subsidiary called Ford of Europe. The subsidiary manufactures cars specially designed for the Euro market, and one of their most famous models is the Escort. This should not be confused with the American Ford Escort, which is a completely different car.

The Euro Escort went through six generations from 1967 to 2002, which means there is a lot of choice for buyers of project cars. Simple, clean builds with subtle modifications still work well on these cars, but more drastic race-style builds are also common at British and European auto shows.

Morris Minor

Another economy car that has become the project’s favorite, the classic English sporty Morris Minor is at an unbeatable price. It was the first British car to sell over a million units, and it is believed that over 1.6 million were sold when production ceased in 1971.

Being so popular, it is not surprising that a variety of modified versions have appeared. What is surprising is the nature of these constructions: the Minor became a common racing and drag car in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s, and there are still many of these constructions today. It was a favorite in other parts of the world as well, as the New Zealand-based build shows above.

Lotus demands

For a laser-focused track car with precision handling, it’s hard to beat a Lotus Exige. The faster and more extreme brother of the Elise, the Exige is best when it is full throttle on a circuit or darting on deserted country roads.

Many owners like to add their own personal flavor to their Lotus which makes it such a great car to modify. There are plenty of aftermarket parts out there already, but owners always get an amazing sports car right off the bat.

Land Rover Range Rover

The modern Range Rover may be more associated with celebrities and wealthy soccer moms than off-road prowess, but it can still hold up on rough terrain. However, most owners don’t care, as the majority of new Range Rover versions take advantage of aftermarket manufacturers like Overfinch to add style and speed to their SUV, but not off-road capability.

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With older models, it’s a different story, as their more boxy shape and more basic nature make them a more natural candidate for venturing into the backcountry. Forget the stereotype of unreliability: an old Range Rover is no more reliable than any other forty-year-old car, and in fact, their solid build quality makes them a tougher choice than many enthusiasts might. to think.

Jaguar E-Type

Known as the most beautiful car in the world by Enzo Ferrari himself, the E-Type is more commonly associated with sultry collectors and high auction prices. For those who wish to break the mold, the car provides a unique and controversial basis for a project.

Whether it’s the Frankenstein E-Type in the top image or Chip Foose’s modified project in the second, an E-Type build always generates debate from the wider automotive community. There will always be purists who won’t be okay with turning a classic Jag into anything other than its original form, but for many owners of E-Type projects, that’s part of the fun.

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