This could be the exact return date for McDonald’s Pumpkin Creme Pie in 2022

If years past are any indication, the infamous seasonal treat should be brought out as soon as the air gets brisk outside and the days get shorter. Per Chewboom, the pie hit stores in early October 2020, making a slightly earlier comeback when it was spotted in mid-September 2021 (via Instagram). With those dates in mind, you should expect McDonald’s Pumpkin Pie and Cream Pie to be back in no time.

While you can make homemade pumpkin pie while you long for the return of seasonal treats, you can also get a head start on fall staples when you’re having your morning coffee by partaking in the one of the fast food chain’s newest bakery items. According to USA Today, McDonald’s apple fritter and cinnamon roll have taken their much-loved place on the McCafe Bakery menu in 2020 and can satisfy your need for warming spices until the pie comes. pumpkin returns to stores.

If morning sweets aren’t your thing, you can always get a blueberry cream pie, which returned to McDonald’s menu in January this year. Whichever limited-time item you choose, one thing is certain: consumers respond to seasonal produce, and McDonald’s Pumpkin Custard Pie is no exception.

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