This Custom 1975 Honda CB750F Super Sport Is An Exciting Cafe Racer

In its double-cradle skeleton, a 1975 variant of Honda’s CB750F Super Sport family houses a four-stroke 736cc inline-four mill. Thanks to a refined four-in-one exhaust system and dome-shaped pistons, the machine’s air-cooled engine featured a 9.2: 1 compression ratio and 58 horsepower at a optimum speed, which is a good performance improvement over its predecessor “K”. .

In terms of visual updates, the Japanese automaker was looking for a sportier aesthetic when designing the ’75 MY four-banger. As such, the gas tank became slightly longer than that of a K, while the rear section of the bike received a small tail to round things off. Side story; The CB750 also contains a perfectly leveled bone line reminiscent of old-school cafe racers, so it’s not hard to see why this mechanical gem is a popular choice for workshops looking to create a masterpiece. cafe style artwork.

Over the years, we’ve seen dozens of Honda CB750-based feats emerge all over the world, and I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of seeing more! Therefore, we are inclined to believe that the presence of a magnificent predator raised under sunny California skies is in order, right? To be precise, this two-wheeled beauty is the work of Kyle Vara’s Thirteen & Company – a lesser-known Los Angeles-based company.

The tired donor was purchased in Oceanside and then transported to Vara’s Los Angeles-based garage. Upon arrival, the entire structure was dismantled in preparation for some serious surgeries. After shortening the bike’s subframe to tighten its proportions, Kyle focused on removing any signs of aging by gracing the engine and frame with a thorough clean.

Next, the 28mm Keihin carburetors were carefully readjusted to fit a high-end pod filter set, with a stainless steel Delvik exhaust system at the opposite end of the combustion cycle. To question himself, the solo mastermind decided to make a unique oil chamber from scratch, and he admits that was the most demanding aspect of its construction.

When it was finally finished, the custom tank was tucked between the frame spars and covered with a sexy leather saddle. A crisp rear unit is in the spotlight behind the new seat, housing a dual-function LED light strip that keeps things clutter-free. To improve the riding position, Vara installed a clip-on handlebars in the cockpit, as well as a unique pair of rear-mounted footrests at the other end.

The next step was to rewire the CB750 with modern goodies, which are connected to a state-of-the-art Motogadget m-Unit Blue. In addition, the shock absorbers have been modified so that the body is almost parallel to the ground. Finally, Kyle carved knee bumps into the factory fuel tank and wrapped it all in a coat of shiny blue paint.

Now some of you will certainly question the use of Firestone tires, but we’d say they look like they’re at home on Thirteen & Companyis a one-time wonder. While sacrificing grip for visual appeal isn’t something we would do, you won’t hear us criticize the author for his unconventional use of rubber. Ultimately, freedom of speech is the key to any art form, isn’t it?

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