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Known as the “greenest restaurant in Texas,” a booming fast-casual is now looking to expand its eco-friendly restaurant mission beyond the Lone Star State. And thanks to a recent acquisition by a restaurant company on a shopping spree, it could soon become “America’s greenest restaurant.”

Bellagreen, an eight-location bistro chain, has just been acquired by Ampex Brands, a major franchisee of Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s and 7-Eleven. While the chain appears to be a relatively small brand compared to other Ampex businesses, the company plans to expand Bellagreen significantly. CEO Tabbassum Mumtaz says the eco-chain may soon be making its way “to every major city in the United States,” according to Restaurant news.

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Like a green American bistro concept, Bellagreen offers vibrant, seasonal dishes with in-house practices that reduce its ecological footprint. Its menu includes a wide variety of local ingredients, used in classics like burgers, pizzas, salads and sandwiches. Apart from sourcing a sustainable menu, the chain uses water-saving devices, alternative power sources and eco-friendly furniture to reduce waste.


“We designed Bellagreen to make life and the earth more beautiful with every meal we serve,” said chain CEO Jason Morgan.. “We’re handing over to a powerful organization that can grow the brand while maintaining that authenticity.”

Ampex acquired Bellagreen from Bellagreen Holdings and completed the affair on July 18. Currently, fast-casual is only found in the Houston and Dallas areas. However, Ampex is known for growing the brands under its umbrella and currently operates over 500 restaurants, as well as over 100 7-Eleven convenience stores.

Last year, the company acquired Au Bon Pain, which was struggling after losing nearly half of its restaurants under the ownership of JAB Holding Company, parent company of Panera Bread. Ampex has revived the struggling chain’s growth with a new location in New York, which opened last month.

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