This fast food logo would get you killed doing the Dalgona challenge from the game Squid

At Solo Press, the dalgona challenge has been taken to the next level by imagining another layer of difficulty. Instead of the shapes used in the show, imagine being given a dalgona candy with a common logo on it. Which brand symbol would be achievable, and which logos would be impossible to achieve? Die-hard fans made it their mission to successfully cut shapes out of candy. A “Squid Game” recipe for circulating the candy around the house, and there’s even a set of cookie cutters in the same shapes used on the show to make the footprint needed to start the challenge (via Popsugar ).

The latest fad on TikTok shows people trying to meet the challenge in real life. However, the game’s most common attempts will be pale compared to any attempt that tries to carve the dalgona candy in the form of the Starbucks logo (via Solo Press). The Starbucks logo was singled out in the review as an “impossible limit” to meet in the challenge because of its complex design, and sure to kill any competitor. Other logos, such as McDonald’s arches and Gucci’s thin, superimposed curves were identified as difficult, but still possible to achieve. Apple’s eponymous symbol was the easiest logo to analyze and would be the safest choice in the “Squid Game”.

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