This is the hardest challenge for fast food restaurants

Enter “FBoy Island” host Nikki Glaser, who opened “Fast Foodies” Season 2 (which premiered in late January) with the toughest copycat challenge Sutherland and Ford said they’ve ever faced. Guest star Glaser walked onto the “Fast Foodies” set hungry for some of McDonald’s famous Chicken McNuggets. “It’s something that’s a treat, reminds me of my childhood, and it reminds me of a simpler time when I was happier and not driven by fame and money,” Glaser joked on the show. . “It’s like a box of chocolates,” she continued, “because you really don’t know what the f*** is about those things.” The stand-up comedian didn’t want just any mystery ingredient nuggets either. She wanted them vegan.

Sutherland, Ford and Kish may have put on their game faces to please Glaser, but they weren’t exactly giddy. “The first episode of this season, these vegan nuggets were probably the hardest thing we had to do,” Sutherland revealed to Mashed in a recent interview. “I don’t think any of us dabble in fake meats that much…I don’t ever want to do a vegan nugget again!”

You can watch Nikki Glaser’s “Fast Foodies” full episode now. Season 2 is currently on truTV with new episodes on Thursday nights.

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