This west coast fast food chicken chain triples in size

You might associate fried chicken with the southern parts of the country … but California? Oh, Yes. The One Bay Area chicken fast food chain is set to go national with an impressive menu of all things fried chicken. Didn’t know you can buy hot chicken from Nashville to San Francisco and soon to Los Angeles? You sure can and come next year, it might get closer to more of us.

Starbird Chicken recently announced that it saw its revenue increase 36% year-over-year in 2020, despite the difficulties many restaurants faced during the pandemic. (That meant a 75% increase in sales from just two years ago.) This year, the number of establishments in the Santa Clara-based chicken chain has grown to nine since their founding in 2016 … and it seems like ‘they’re not stopping anytime soon.

As Starbird Chicken Founder and CEO Aaron Noveshen says, the past five years have brought the brand to its current point of greatest growth. “We plan to have more than 20 sites open and operational by the end of 2022, almost tripling the size of our system since 2020,” Noveshen said in a press release shared with Eat this, not that! (For now, they’re just pointing out where, saying Starbird is “slated to enter several undisclosed locations in the Bay Area and Los Angeles over the next 24 months.”) The brand also has it. announced that it was launching a national franchise. program in 2022.

Find out how the hand of Starbird Chicken landed on the radar with what they call their “hand-made crispy chicken, enjoyable, bold flavors and chef-driven innovation.” Plus, don’t miss America’s biggest Asian chain selling this new chicken dish.

Courtesy of Starbird Chicken

In addition to winning the hearts of its customers, Starbird Chicken has already begun to win top awards in the industry in its brief five years in business. Recent accolades include “Best Restaurant” on the ICX Association Elevate Awards for their use of progressive consumer-oriented technology, as well as # 21 ranking on Commercial Advertising Fast CasualThe list of 100 movers and shakers.

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Courtesy of Starbird

Starbird Chicken’s menu is one of the most diverse we see among chicken chains today. Beyond the standard fast food sandwiches and nuggets, Starbird offers menu categories such as tacos, salads, family platters, and most recently, chicken bowls.

The variety of flavors also appears. In addition to items like the “Nashville Hotbird” sandwich, the Cali Bacon sandwich on a “Dutch crunch roll” (um, yum) and the California Roll salad with mashed avocado, Starbird also offers nine house sauces, like the ranch. with Greek yogurt, wasabi aioli and Sriracha buffalo.

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Courtesy of Starbird

Starbird Chicken doesn’t stray far from home, claiming that they serve local chicken that is sustainably raised and never treated with antibiotics. A representative from Starbird also said Eat this, not that! that the brand sources all of its products locally and does all the pickling and roasting on site.

The Starbird site also indicates that the chain bakes its fresh breads on site, “all day”.

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Courtesy of Starbird

Starbird’s compelling and modern menu isn’t the only way to stay relevant to its audience – the brand is also aware of its environmental impact. A representative from Starbird said Eat this, not that! that the brand adopt a progressive ecological approach with recycled packaging and the use of paper straws in all Starbird stores.

And, unlike other fast food chains that only offer chicken, the brand is also committed to serving customers who don’t eat meat. The company recently developed its own plant-based sandwich, the Gardenbird, as an offering.

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