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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the greatest open world games of all time. The game was a perfect evolution of the open world formula that Rockstar had experimented with in the last two games. The end result was one of the most enjoyable games of all time that gamers still love to this day. The Definitive edition It might not be the best way to relive this classic, but it’s still a great excuse for gamers to rediscover this game.

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A big part of San Andreas seized the territories of Los Santos and defeated rival gangs. It was a surprisingly engaging mechanic that becomes a necessity to complete towards the end of the game. Here are some tips to help players conquer as many territories as possible without too much trouble.

Always refuel Ammu-Nation in advance

Ammu-Nation in GTA San Andreas

Going into gang warfare with rudimentary equipment is not recommended at all. Players should take into account that they will face tough waves of gangsters who have nothing to lose.

So a trip to Ammu-Nation before a gang war is definitely a smart move to take. This will ensure players are armored and supplied with ballistics to take down even the toughest enemies.


Recruit gang members to make it easier

soft shot in gta san andreas screenshot

Given the large number of enemies that players face in a gang war, having support is also important. This is where GSF members come in.

However, keep in mind that most friendly gang members are pretty dreadful in a fight, no matter how many people you recruit for a battle. So, players are better off using their rookies as a distraction instead of relying on them to deal with forces that appear during a gang war.

Run for health and armor pickups during a gang war

GTA San Andreas Combat shooting from a motorcycle

After a gang war begins, players will be pushed back a bit as enemies charge with powerful weapons. It is therefore important to find ways to stay alive at all times.

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Fortunately, gang wars are quite present health and armor pickups to let players survive until the end. Players just need to be mobile and roam the map a lot to find these mics.

Place explosives from a distance to catch off guard enemies

An RPG in GTA San Andreas

Considering the crowd strength that can come during a gang war, players should try to keep these gang members as low as possible. Explosives are of great help in this regard.

With ranged explosives, players can even set up traps to surprise enemies charging towards CJ. Players should just keep in mind that enemies spawn in the opposite direction from where CJ is looking. Place the traps accordingly to facilitate gang wars.

Head to fast food restaurants during a gang war to get health fast

cj in burger shot san andreas photo

Sometimes gang wars happen in places with fast food outlets. This is a great arena for a battle, as players now have a great way to quickly gain health when pushed against a brick wall.

After taking too much damage, players can simply head to the nearest fast food restaurant and have big meals to recover CJ’s health. This can be a fun way to gain health, but it is very important when all health spawns have been consumed by the player.

Take up arms from enemies of the third wave to strengthen your arsenal

gta san andreas definitive edition cj

After waging a ton of gang wars, some players just won’t have the funds to continue the assault. However, if players are diligent enough, they should be able to get a decent amount of ammo during these fights.

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While the first wave of a gang war is quite weak, the following waves have more powerful weapons. Killing these people gives players a great outlet to easily reload their ammo.

Date Katie Zhan will incur no penalty upon her death

Katie Zhan in GTA San Andreas

There are several characters that CJ can date in San Andreas. However, most people consider Katie zhan to be the best girlfriend of the bunch, simply because of the size of her edge.

On a date with Katie Zhan, players can cover their medical expenses for free. On top of that, they won’t lose any of their weapons either, which is even more valuable for players who have amassed an incredible arsenal!

Try to stay in cover as often as possible

actor cj blows rockstar gta 6 games rumors

Given the intensity of gang wars San Andreas, players should try to limit damage to CJ as much as possible. There’s not much Health and Armor Mic can do to help, after all.

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Minimizing any damage to CJ means that players should get in and out of cover as much as possible. Being smart and stepping out of cover to deal some serious damage will ensure players go through most of these encounters with little to no issues.

Long-range weapons are a great way to take out enemies while avoiding damage

Sniper rifle in GTA San Andreas

Getting a long range weapon like a sniper rifle in a gang war is a great way to absolutely destroy enemies without even getting a scratch. After all, enemies need to be some distance from CJ before they start unleashing a hail of bullets.

However, if players maintain a healthy distance and take out enemies from a distance, they don’t even have to worry about taking damage. It might not be the most exciting strategy on this list, but it’s still pretty effective.

Starting a gang war with a wanted level removes all police attention

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Tenpenny

This may not be advice in itself, but rather a reason to fight between gangs if the police are driving you crazy. Simply triggering a gang fight will eliminate the desired level and prevent it from increasing during the battle.

Most people also tend to avoid gang fights when being chased by the police because they don’t want to deal with both groups at the same time. However, with this knowledge, players don’t really need to avoid gang fights for such a trivial reason.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is available for PC, Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Switch.

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