Unexpected showbiz cameos in completely normal UK TV shows

Have you ever seen a unicorn in your local store?

Or maybe a magical mermaid at the gym?

If so, it was probably a bit of a shock.

And sometimes a celebrity showbiz appearance when you least expected to see one can also look a bit like this.

Here are a few of our favorites, “wait, wasn’t it …* massive celebrity name from showbiz * British TV moments of recent years.

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George Clooney in Warburton TV commercials

We nearly choked on our grilled soldiers when Hollywood superstar George Clooney suddenly appeared in a TV commercial for Warburton’s earlier in the year.

In the ad, Mr. Warburton (of breadmaking fame) can be seen baking a piece of toast with butter – only to be interrupted when a receptionist rushes into the room to say the unimaginable words: “Mr. Warburton, George Clooney is on the line!”

And then … he really is!

Suddenly, when we least expected it, Clooney’s face appears onscreen, just like in blockbuster movies like Oceans 11, but this time it’s just in a bread factory in Bolton, Lancs. .

To make it all infinitely healthier than it already is, the fees George paid for his participation in the campaign apparently went to the Clooney Foundation For Justice, which was founded by the actor and his wife, Amal and who campaigns against human rights violations. around the world.

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Matt Le Blanc on Top Gear

OK, to be honest it wasn’t a cameo.

Matt Le Blanc was the presenter of Top Gear for three years starting in 2016 alongside Chris Evans and Rory Reid.

Turns out he knows a lot about cars and really loves them.

But for anyone who grew up watching Friends, that whole period was very strange.

Eventually the weirdness happened to Matt as well and he decided to retire from the show stating, “Time spent and long trips take me away from family and friends more than I’m comfortable with. . “

Well eh? As Phoebe would say.

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Ben Stiller on the extras

What do you get if you cross paths with hilarious Hollywood comedy actor Ben Stiller, along with hilarious comedian and screenwriter Ricky Gervais?

Yes, hilarity of the most beautiful order.

In this episode of Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globe, Extras from the BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning TV sitcom, Andy (played by Ricky) and Maggie (played by Ashley Jensen) are both extras in a serious genocide film set. by Ben Stiller in England; however, Andy is not satisfied with his tiny role.

It’s so funny actually that the actors almost couldn’t finish their scenes together as you can see in the reel of the shots.

Take action 876!

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Sigourney Weaver on Doc Martin

British celebrity and Doc Martin star Martin Clunes met huge Hollywood superstar actor Sigourney Weaver when they both appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Martin says she came up to him and told him that she was a huge fan of the show and could she please join in?

If we tried this it would almost certainly lead to us being escorted by security.

But, when you’re Sigourney Weaver, doing that kind of stunt actually works.

Doc Martin’s team wrote a role for an American tourist and thought they saw what happened and sure enough Sigourney showed up and was brilliant.

One day killing aliens in space, the next day wandering around the village of Port Isaac in Cornwell with a cloth hat.

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Sean Bean in an advertisement for Yorkshire tea

You know, we always thought Sean Bean would sound like a great cup of tea.

And in 2019, we had confirmed it.

Sean Bean starred in an advertisement for Yorkshire Tea in which he motivates the Yorkshire Tea team to make “infusions that bring tears to your eyes and warmth to your soul”.

“DO IT FOR YORKSHIRE!” he shouts with a sword in his hand.

Stir stuff.

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Johnny Depp in The Vicar of Dibley

Johnny Depp has unfortunately left our good books.

He’s not our dream boyfriend anymore.

But in 1999, seeing Johnny on television was a treat.

In 1999, he made a cameo appearance in a special Comic Relief episode of The Vicar of Dibley in which Geraldine behaves exactly as we would have behaved towards Johnny Depp in 1999.

Jessica Chastain on Poirot

Flame-haired vixen Jessica Chastain has been on our screens this year in the extraordinary Scenes From A Marriage in which she stars alongside Oscar Isaac in the incredible remake of Ingmar Bergman’s classic.

The Golden Globe winner was also one of the stars of The Help in 2011 in which she played an aspiring socialite and was very good.

She’s basically a really good actress, usually spotted in big budget stuff.

But once upon a time, she played the humble role of Mary Debenhem in the small screen adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express starring David Suchet (that’s Hercule Poirot, of course) which was a treat for the day. Christmas for us Brits in 2010.

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Taylor Lautner in Cuckoo

Star of the Twilight movies, Taylor Lautner is more used to appearing onscreen opposite her golden co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

However, he randomly took a break from the multi-million dollar movie franchise to appear in the BBC comedy Three Cuckoo, Series 5 where at no point did he become a wolf, as expected.

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