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When you rush in the morning, breakfast is sometimes left out. That’s why it’s handy to have vegan options at fast food outlets and chain restaurants for the most important meal of the day, especially a hot and tasty option like a vegan sandwich for breakfast. The channels below have listened to customer demand and have introduced delicious and satisfying meatless, egg-free and dairy-free breakfast sandwiches.

Try vegan breakfast sandwiches at these popular restaurant chains:

Dunkin ‘

Following discussions with PETA, Dunkin ‘was one of the first chains to launch a breakfast sandwich with a delicious vegan Beyond Meat sausage patty. Order the Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich without Chicken Eggs or Cow’s Milk Cheese. Add a side of hash browns and an oat milk latte for a satisfying meal.

Globally Local

Canadian chain Globally Local offers nine different vegan breakfast sandwich options that are available throughout the day, including the Sausage Maple Crunch, which is stacked with a sausage patty, tofu ‘egg’ and potatoes. hash browns with vegan cheddar and maple syrup.


At this vegan chain, you’ll find three animal-free breakfast sandwiches: Breakfast Maple Crispy Chick’n, Wake and Bac’n, and Sunnyside Sausage, Egg and Cheese.

Peet’s Cafe

The plant-based Everything sandwich at Peet’s Coffee was launched after a PETA surge. It’s vegan with no modifications, with a plant-based egg, Beyond Meat breakfast sausage and a slice of Violife vegan cheddar cheese on a thin “everything” bagel.

Cafe Philz

Some Philz cafes serve a vegan breakfast sandwich, accompanied by a Beyond the breakfast sausage patty, vegan cheese and an animal-free egg.

Vegetable-powered fast food

This Southern California vegan fast food chain offers six varieties of vegan breakfast sandwiches, four of which can be served on an English muffin or vegan croissant. You can even substitute a vegan egg casserole for the omelet-style patty.


Some Starbucks stores are testing the Plant Based Lunch Sandwich, which includes an animal-free breakfast patty, plant-based eggs, and melted vegan cheddar on a toasted whole wheat English muffin. We are delighted that Starbucks is expanding this offering and is discontinuing its unfair supplement for vegan milks.

When you become vegetarian, you save the lives of nearly 200 animals a year. This includes cows, chickens, pigs, fish, and many other animals raised and killed for food. Learn more about the impact of going vegan:

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