Wendy’s adds a delicious (and niche) item to its menu

If you were to take a trip to the United States, there is one feature that you will see a lot: fast food restaurants. But different regions also have their own favorites, like the In-N-Out burger stands that are so popular in the Southwestern states and as far away as California or White Castle in the Midwest. Some states have their own claim to fast food fame, such as the very famous Whataburger chain that spans across Texas.

Fast food definitely holds a place in our hearts as Americana. Even global chains have their beloved place in pop culture – Ronald McDonald is practically the Mickey Mouse of the fast food world. Meanwhile, The Burger King, little red-haired, pigtailed Wendy, and KFC’s Colonel Sanders have achieved similar celebrity status, appearing in commercials, comics, and even TV shows.

But just because a fast food chain has grown in size doesn’t mean it has lost its local appeal. Every two-horse town has a McDonalds (MCD) – Get a free reportand there’s probably a Burger King (RSQ) – Get a free report or a Wendy’s (MAGNIFYING GLASS) – Get a free report just behind. Your town may not have a favorite regional fast food joint, but you have one of the big three. And now, if you’re in a special state, a very special item could be coming to Wendy’s in your backyard.

The Wendy’s Hoosier cookie bowl has arrived

If you live in or are heading to Indiana, you better save room for a big breakfast. Wendy’s is bringing a special item to Hungry Pantyhose starting last weekend and for an undisclosed “limited time.” Customers can visit their local Wendy’s during breakfast hours to enjoy a gravy-covered Indian tribute.

Wendy’s Hoosier Cookie Bowl includes buttery cookies, homemade seasoned potatoes, southern-style sausage and gravy, fresh fried egg and shredded cheddar cheese. To celebrate, an Indianapolis store gave away the item for free with the help of Hoosier basketball star Christian Watford.

Wendy’s builds on its name with special menu items

Although a fairly localized event, Wendy’s focused on introducing creative signature menu items. Probably the most notable is a change in Frosty flavors, which is still causing a stir in stores and on social media. Last summer, Wendy’s introduced seasonal strawberry flavor, and this winter ushered in Peppermint Frosty, a minty twist on the usual vanilla flavor.

The little red pigtailed girl is also taking on the king this season – Wendy’s and Burger King have both introduced versions of Italian burgers and sandwiches, complete with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Wendy’s also introduced a new side dish, Garlic Fries, the chain’s naturally cut fries tossed in a garlic and herb sauce.

The chain has also brought back the popular Pretzel Bacon Pub chicken sandwich trio made with gooey beer cheese, bacon and muenster cheese. And of course there was the famous Purple Frosty Wendy’s posted on her social media to celebrate her partnership with the popular Amazon (AMZN) – Get a free reportTwitch, the streaming platform owned by the company.

Between the Hoosier Biscuit Bowl and Wendy’s new $3 breakfast special, for those in Indiana, Wendy’s might be the hottest place to get a great breakfast drive-thru.

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