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Fast food workers are hustling and they’re working hard… so take it easy, okay?

And that brings us to today’s story!

A man named Will has poked fun at Wendy’s customers who change their (let’s face it) unhealthy food orders in an attempt to tone down fat, salt, grease, etc.

@whyareyouherebozoLike a girl don’t even worry about that diet coke ♬ original sound – ok

And you know people thought about this video.

One person said,

“It baffles me how much people spend on these horrible fast food joints.”

Another viewer commented,

“At Chick-fil-A, people always order frosted lemonades with diet lemonade which cancels out, like, 70% of the cup that contains ice cream.”

Will replied to this comment:

“I say. Like at this point, take diabetes and enjoy life.

But other TikTokkers say they do it to get fresh fries and not ones that have been sitting around for a while…pretty clever when you think about it…

To that idea, Will says, it doesn’t matter much because he doesn’t make fresh fries for every order: “We just dip them back in oil, so it’s really fresh.”

There you go guys, you just got a little behind-the-scenes info on the world of fast food!

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