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Cafe Manager position at HeartBeet Cafe

HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe is a community-driven, gluten-free, plant-based health food cafe with two locations in Seattle (Queen Anne and West Seattle). We pride ourselves on making some of the healthiest foods in town and building genuine relationships with our customers.

We are operated by HeartBeet Healthy Inc. and have been in business since 2008. We were founded to create convenient food options that are both healthy and delicious, and aim to improve the well-being of those who patronize our business. We make unique beverages (organic juices, superfood smoothies, frozen drinks and elixir shots), food products (salty salads, soups, hot cereal bowls, sweet bowls) and whole food desserts including pies, truffles, macaroons, etc. . We also offer juice cleanses, catering, delivery, water wellness programs, and in addition to the HeartBeet store, we operate two virtual brands called Pure Pies and Seattle Ghost Cafe (coming soon).

Our mission is simple: to bring “real food that loves you back” to as many people as possible and to have a lasting, positive impact on those we serve.**Job Summary**

Our Cafe Managers are responsible for the efficient operation of our cafes, supervising the staff members who work there, maintaining excellent customer service, promoting a quality work environment where members of the team can thrive and maintain work/life balance, ensure coffee is a part of the communities we serve, and successfully achieve company sales goals. We are looking for a leader with a passion for putting people first, with a strong background in operating cafes, restaurants, quick service or cafes and supervising people. We’re especially looking for someone who is eager to learn and grow and contribute to the mission of making “real food that loves you back” delicious, fun and affordable.

**Tasks and Responsibilities**

The Cafe Manager performs the duties of Cafe Team Member Shift Manager and Assistant Cafe Manager and performs all of the duties of those positions, along with the following additional responsibilities:

**Planning and Attendance**

– Final approval of the schedule once the assistant director has drafted it
– Final review and approval of timesheets
– Fixes availability issues with calendar

**Health and security**

– Maintain general business practices that lead to high levels of food safety
– Corrects employees, non-compliant with the Covid screening process
– Maintain health service compliance and resolve preventive actions
– Troubleshoot preventive actions in the event of an accident
– Arranges Get Well Card, flowers, etc., as appropriate for sick employees

**Facilities and Operations**

– Purchase of equipment, technology and facility upgrades
– Approves changes to the secondary task list and proactively reviews monthly to see if any changes need to be made
– Resolve all facility/equipment billing issues, deal with vendors if repair work was done incorrectly, proactively track down items that need fixing, etc.
– Maintains an equipment maintenance schedule and an equipment repair log with costs. Make decisions about a piece of equipment that needs to be replaced. Suggests new equipment to the General Manager.
– Make general changes to where supplies and equipment are permanently kept (“Proper Spot”); monthly audit of facilities, installation or rearrangement of shelving
– Reviews all coffee purchases monthly; also buys items over $100
– Troubleshoot the daily checklists functionality; follows up on employees who are not doing their checklists
– Keeps all cafe documents and checks if forms are used as needed, do we need a new form or document for something?
– Audit the Key Log monthly
– Monitors scrap log and sales reports and makes changes to Par as needed
– Process any donation request outside of the pre-approved policy

**Team member management**

– Facilitates action plan meetings
– Facilitates performance meetings
– Facilitates termination meetings; completes termination reports and turns them over to HR within 72 hours of termination
– Partner with HR to create cafe operating policies and employment policies to keep the cafe running smoothly
– Determines staffing needs and interfaces with the human resources manager
– Takes decisive action regarding performance corrections, coaching plans, performance improvement plans and terminations as needed; in collaboration with the HR manager.

**Location Management**

– Monthly facility audit to ensure that the aesthetics of all posters, printed signs and decors are superb
– Give passage to shift supervisors

**Selling Tips**

– Establish and plan promotions and sales targets
– Proactively seek opportunities outside the building to book a catering company
– Leeds commercial efforts to promote new items, sales and special programs.
– Reviews the HB Weekly Metrics report and uses this information to improve the business


– Conducts interviews; extends the verbal job offer at the end of the interview (depending on the circumstances)
– Offers the position at the end of the job interview
– Performs monthly audits of lead binder and food handler file


– Conducts training on special topics for new hires, such as juice cleanses, water wellness program, HeartBeet menu, allergens, superfoods, delivering 5-star customer service and our technological systems
– Conducts shift supervisor training
– Continuously trains the assistant manager of the café


– Wednesdays – Participates in a weekly Cafe Operations Manager meeting to discuss ideas for process improvements, new policies, problem solving, etc.
– Thursdays – Meets weekly with shift leaders to review weekly transmission
– Weekly one-on-one meeting with the assistant cafe manager
– Bi-monthly meeting with the HR Manager (and as needed)

## **Minimum Job Requirements**

– Maintain an active Washington State Food Handler License
– Able to walk, stand, speak, hear, bend and lift up to 25 pounds
– 3+ years of management experience
– 3+ years of food service experience
– Excellent communication and time management skills required
– Able to access applications via phone or computer to view work schedules, communications and policies

## **Availablity**

– Usually works 40 hours per week
– ** Manager-of-the-Day ** ** (MOD) ** – Serves as a MOD to handle urgent troubleshooting situations from either cafe. Available for calls on working days only.
– **Emergency Ground Cover** – must be able to fill the ground in the event of a staff shortage when other staffing arrangements cannot be made such that we would have to close the cafe without assistance.

## **Emergency After Hours**

The cafe manager is the main point of contact for nighttime emergencies.

**Benefits and Compensation**

– $25 per hour
– Health, dental and vision insurance available through Kaiser Permanente after 60 days of employment with 50% covered
– Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with access to free advice, financial resources and legal advice
– Complimentary staff meal every shift
– 50% discount on all additional food items
– Paid leave (the equivalent of 9 days per year for full-time staff)
– Vacation pay when working on certain designated holidays

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!

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