Why Animal Crossing’s Brewster & The Roost Cafe update is a big deal

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Brewster and Cafe update will introduce players to The Roost, which is likely to be home to new activities, regardless of the time of day.

Following the long drought of content in the game, the announcement of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Brewster and The Roost coffee update reinvigorated its fan community. Nintendo gave few details on the nature of Brewster’s role in New Horizons, but his return suggests new activities and welcome changes to Animal Crossing players’ islands.

Fans expected Brewster’s addition to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a while, but the long gap after the last major update led some to believe it would never materialize. Brewster’s arrival is an important moment, especially for new players Animal crossing franchise that has never had the chance to meet the shy teal pigeon with glasses and a passion for coffee. In previous games, his personality looked a bit like Sable Abel; often the Brewer was removed until players interacted with him enough times.

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The relationships players form with characters like Sable and Brewster are a big part of what makes Animal crossing so beloved, and New Horizons arguably failed to capitalize on it after its release, as it failed to introduce new permanent villagers during the height of the game’s popularity. Brewster allows new and old players to start another relationship – a relationship that doesn’t ‘is not limited by store opening hours.

The Roost Cafe offers Animal Crossing players a 24-hour social center

animal crossing brewer

Perhaps the most important distinction of The Roost coffee in Animal Crossing museum is that it will give players an activity to pursue once the island is closed for the night. Many players may have difficulty with Animal Crossing real time clock, because it can impede the progress of those who are busy with real responsibilities during the day. As shown by the Brewster ACNH trailer, The Roost is always open, giving players something to do whatever their schedule. The only glimpse fans received of The Roost himself was a blurry image in the trailer, so it’s unclear what activities will actually be available there. However, it appears at least Animal Crossing: New Horizons is about to receive an aesthetically appealing new place to relax and socialize.

Animal crossing fans may also be excited about Brewster’s return due to the character’s love for gyroids, a robotic species that was once responsible for vital mechanics in the Animal crossing Games. GameCube Animal crossing featured a personal gyroid that handled everything from saving files to storage, and different gyroids could be collected and used as interactive decorations. The only gyroid in New Horizons is the one that appears while building a bridge, but Brewster’s return could bring back a few more.

Nintendo has yet to announce the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Brewster release date. Brewster’s promotional image suggests additional content is joining the game alongside The Roost cafe, but those additions are also unknown. Nintendo will likely reveal more information in the October Animal Crossing Direct livestream, which also doesn’t have a set date at the time of writing.

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