Windsor Cafe Turns Netflix Korean Drama Into Family Fun With Algona Squid Game Treat

If you’ve always wanted to be a part of the Squid Games, then Cafe in downtown Windsor on March 21 is for you.

They started making dalgona, a sweet treat with a shape stamped inside, which the cast of the popular Netflix drama Squid game had to remove it without breaking it in order to survive.

In real life, Henry Kim, the owner of the cafe, said it was something his parents played at their home in South Korea. Her parents are now helping to make the treat.

“So my parents are pros at this,” he said. “It’s all about the timing. You have to find the perfect timing to stamp it and pour it.”

It sounds easy, but there is a lot you can do to get it right.

The tools they needed to make the dalgona took a long time to get here, due to the pandemic and deliveries are taking longer. Kim said that making a good dalgona requires a good amount of sugar and baking soda.

March 21 Coffee Making Squid Game Treats

Owner Henry Kim says he generated a lot of interest from customers for the dalgona, a sweet treat with a shape stamped inside, which Squid Games players had to remove without breaking it for. to survive. 1:30

“Then you have to keep mixing it. And then at one point it gets frothy, and then you pour it into a baking dish and dab the shape,” he said.

The cafe uses the four shapes used by the show: circles, triangles, stars and umbrellas. Something Kim said many of the store’s Instagram followers were excited to see.

“A lot of people are commenting [on social media] and get them. Many people have already come to get them. So we’re putting in extra hours to do them now, in fact, ”he said.

Making the sweet treat has its challenges. Kim said it takes about five to 10 minutes to do them, but that doesn’t always work.

“All the messed up stuff I end up eating. So I’m not complaining.”

The dalgona comes in four forms, which mimic Squid Games. You can have the circle, the triangle, the star, or the umbrella. (Stacey Janzer / CBC)

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